Surrendering a Cat

If you have not already done so please call (912) 354-9515 x107 to make an appointment.  Appointments are required.

Items you must bring to your appointment:

Proof of Ownership:  Acceptable forms of ownership proof include one or more of the following: vet bills, bill of sale, adoption paperwork, microchip information, or something proving that you have willingly cared for the pet for at least 2 weeks.

A Personal ID: i.e drivers license.

Surrender Fee:  $35/pet or $70/litter.  Cash or Credit only, NO checks.

Cat Owner Questionnaire:  Please submit the online questionnaire on this page or download a copy, fill it out, and bring it with you.

Fill out my online form.

What to expect during your appointment


Cats and small animals must be in a carrier.

Make your pet as adoptable as possible. Consider having your pet spayed/neutered prior to surrender. Be up to date on vaccines. Give your pet a bath to make him/her look their best. Be sure to be honest about your pet including any possible behavior problems as this will help adopters to be more prepared.

Your appointment will last 30 minutes.  Please be prepared to be present for the full 30 minutes.  Print or submit the surrender questionnaire to streamline the process. Be as detailed as possible.

Our admitting staff will evaluate your pet for health and behavior.  This will require them to touch and handle your pet.  It is important to understand that your pet may be very different in your home than in a shelter which is unfamiliar.   Your pet must be comfortable around strangers, as the staff and any new adopters are essentially strangers.  If your pet cannot adjust to strangers quickly, the likelihood of adoption is small.

Be prepared to honestly answer questions about your pet. Everything from likes, dislikes, habits or medical background. These questions are for your pet’s benefit, so we may find him/her the appropriate home.

Be prepared for a final decision.  Based on your pet’s evaluation, we will inform you of his/her adoptability.  If we feel your pet is not an acceptable candidate for adoption you may either take him/her with you or request euthanasia.