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Dog Days of Summer

Savannah Morning News – May 19, 2017 Michelle Thevenin, Executive Director Last week, we had a day or two of record breaking high temps. It was just a taste of the summer heat but we put our warm weather policy in place for our dogs, cats and people at the Humane Society for Greater Savannah. And I am reminded that my large shepherds are another year older and need to take it

Reuniting a Lost Pet

Savannah Morning News – May 12, 2017 Michelle Thevenin, Executive Director Last Sunday evening, after Doggie Carnival and a trip to the Daffin Dog Park with my crew, I was about two blocks from my house when a large white dog ran down the street and crossed over to the side walk.  No person in sight, so I pulled over and got out of my car with my spare leash.  I whistled an

How to Help Unattended Pets in Hot Cars

Savannah Morning News – May 5, 2017 Michelle Thevenin, Executive Director Last Saturday afternoon, I was running errands.  It was a sunny hot day (85’ and a little humid) and I was happy to be in and out of air-conditioned stores and had my car A/C on as I was driving around town.  As I popped into my car from my quick run into the grocery store, I see the silhouette of

Preparing Your Pets for Hurricane Season

Savannah Morning News – April 28, 2017 Megan Collins, Director of Public Programs Last week, I attended the CEMA Hurricane Conference which was appropriately themed, “The After Matthew.” Although many people are still working to repair their homes and debris cleanup is still underway, we are now planning ahead for this year’s hurricane season  so we can be even bette

A Doggie Carnival Message from HSGS Alum: Miss Zoe Dog

    Savannah Morning News – April 21, 2017 Hi, Savannah friends! It’s Miss Zoe Dog he

The Dangers of Parvo

Savannah Morning News – April 14, 2017 Michelle Thevenin, Executive Director Parvo.  Prior to my work in animal welfare, I had no idea what Parvo was and now it strikes fear in my heart and ties my stomach in knots. Parvo (or more correctly, parvovirus) is a highly contagious virus that causes significant diarrhea and vomiting in dogs, particularly in puppies.  Treatme