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Prepping Your Pet for Independence Day

Savannah Morning News – June 30, 2017 Kerri Polanski, Development & Marketing Manager It is an urban legend that more pets get lost during Fourth of July celebrations than any other time of year. But we will take advantage of the holiday weekend to remind you to keep your pet safe during the celebrations over the next few days as Independence Day fireworks and summer thun

Keep Summer Fun for Pets

Savannah Morning News – June 23, 2017 Kerri Polanski, Development & Marketing Manager This is the best and worst time of the year in Savannah. The summer is full of weekends and evenings spent outside near the water trying to keep cool in the heat, which also lets us appreciate the surrounding beautiful coastal areas. Our dog Beau has never experienced the heat and humidi

Social Etiquette for Dogs

Savannah Morning News – June 16, 2017 Kerri Polanski, Development & Marketing Manager My husband and I adopted our dog Beau at 10 months old without knowing any of his story. Beau was a shy puppy who loved to play and cuddle, but was sometimes skittish in random instances (including carrying a laundry basket or opening a sliding back door). Luckily, we learned early on th

Solving Litter Box Issues

Savannah Morning News – June 9, 2017 Kerri Polanski, Development & Marketing Manager Litter box issues are a common reason adult cats are surrendered to shelters even though there are some straightforward solutions to solving them.  Litter box issues with cats can be either behavioral or medical based; the hard part is figuring out the problem and how to resolve it befor

Fear of Fireworks

Savannah Morning News – June 2, 2017 Michelle Thevenin, Executive Director When I lived in NH, a neighbor had his own personal Independence Day fireworks celebration that went on for days. Taylor, my shepherd husky, was beside himself and driven to near insanity. I tried herbal remedies, a thunder shirt and luscious treats. All to no avail. The second summer, I was better

Vacationing with Your Pet

Savannah Morning News – May 26, 2017 Michelle Thevenin, Executive Director As the school year wraps up, we are all thinking about summer vacations – a time to travel to escape the heat, visit friends and family or explore new places. And perhaps you’ll be taking your pets along for the adventure. If you’re traveling with your pet, they’ll have their own suitcase to