Savannah Morning News Column

May 15, 2015

Savannah, GA – Pets can help with depression Lynn Gensamer, Executive Director Each May, National Mental Health month is observed to help raise awareness and understanding. Depression is among the most common mental health conditions. Could a kitten's purr or a dog's wagging tail help with depression? It might. "Pet

May 8, 2015

Savannah, GA – Make your life better with a pet Lynn Gensamer, Executive Director Everyone knows pet are good for you. Studies support that dog owners perform better than non-owners on dimensions like self-esteem, physical fitness, sociability, happiness, and overall health. “Pets benefit the lives of their owners, both psychologically and physically, by serving as an i

May 1, 2015

Savannah, GA – Remember to be kind Lynn Gensamer, Executive Director Every year since 1915, the American Humane Association has celebrated Be Kind to Animals Week® during the first week in May. This annual tradition serves to commemorate the role animals play in our lives, promote ways to continue to treat them humanely, and encourage others, especially children,

April 24, 2015

Volunteering is Rewarding Selah Dalacos, Volunteer Program Manager At the Humane Society for Greater Savannah, we rely heavily on our volunteers to help us carry out our mission, through a variety of different tasks and activities within our organization. We truly could not function without them. Each and every one of our volunteers is invaluable: our dog walkers, our laundry

April 17, 2015

Savannah, GA – Keep your dog from getting lost Guinn Friedman, Chief Operations Officer Not all stray dogs are homeless dogs! April 23rd is the second annual National Lost Dog Awareness day. Each year millions of pets go missing for a whole variety of reasons. Mistaken for strays without an owner, these pets frequently end up in animal shelters or are kept by the people wh

April 10, 2015

Savannah, GA – Humane Society gearing up for Doggie Carnival Corndog, Shelter Resident Hi! I’m Corndog the Bassador. A nice lady named Kate came to Animal Control one day and brought me back to the Humane Society. I’m hanging out here now, waiting on a foster home so I can get my heartworm treatment. Sometimes when it’s quiet at the shelter, I get to go visit some of t