Life can take surprising and difficult turns for all of us. Loss of a job, having to move, allergies, divorce, and even death sometimes result in a wonderful pet needing a new home. For those families or individuals with no other options than to re-home a pet, we are here to help by offering this courtesy listing of animals seeking new families. The pets featured below are not Humane Society for Greater Savannah animals and require direct communication with their existing owner. This listing is a courtesy for those seeking to re-home and animal lovers looking to find a new pet. All animals have been spayed/neutered and are current with their Rabies vaccination.

For questions regarding this free re-homing service, please contact the Public Programs Coordinator at

Isles is a single female cat with a spunky personality! She has thumbs! Which for a cat makes her so unique! We hate to let her go but she deserves more time than we can give her. She is an indoor outdoor cat. She loves our back porch and back yard but she also loves coming inside. She loves to play but will snuggle up with you and relax too. She does WONDERFULLY with dogs and puppies. She doesn’t do well with other cats. That is a good thing though because she is FIV positive. She can only pass her immune disease to other cats and it just means she gets sick easier. She is up to date on shots and has been fixed. I will send all of her toys, bed, current food, and litter box with her if you feel she is right for you. If you'd like more information about Isles, contact Abi at or (229) 921-8523 *HSGS recommends keeping FIV+ cats indoors.
Jasper and Elizabeth
2 Beautiful American Shorthair Cats. Brother and Sister. Male is large pawed, deep green eyes, distinctive round markings, and laid back like a giant lion. Female is tiny playful like a kitten. All shots (rabies 3 years) and vaccinations up to date. Vet says she never saw such shiny good coats or gentle dispositions. Healthy, no fleas/ticks. On Seresto collars. Both fixed. Micro-chipped. Used to indoors/outdoors. Would like the countryside, can adapt to farm living, but suburban life OK too. Rehoming fee to Savannah Humane Society applies. Rehoming due to permanent injury. Includes both cats, x large cat carrier, toys, beds, litter box and automatic water fountain. Email Only Please. You tell me about your family, your home, your current pets if any, and who your vet is. Please answer questions above. Will respond asap.
Myriah is a 7 year old mix. She is very dear and is really a house dog. She weighs about 50 lbs and is up on all her shots and is on flea/tick medication. Myriah loves other dogs and kids and is a very, very sweet dog. She lives with a 79 year old couple, another dog who is 15 - and the wife in this couple suffers from the later stages of Alzheimer's. Her owner takes care of the wife at home and having two dogs on the larger side is difficult for him. Please call Anne at (912) 856-3030 for more information.
Zeke is a large mixed-breed dog around 2 years old. He is extremely friendly and full of life. Zeke is house trained and enjoys both inside and outside. Zeke would benefit from a fenced-in yard and lots of exercise! For more information about adopting Zeke, please email
Tank is a 1 year old Pit/Dobermann mix. He has lots of puppy energy and super playful. He is great with other dogs and kids. He loves being outdoors, playing in the water, and car rides. Tank also has a bit of separation anxiety and really needs someone who is able to spend a lot of time with him. He would really benefit from having a fenced in yard where he can run freely. Tank is truly one of the greatest and sweetest dogs I have ever had. We are just not able to give him the time and attention he needs. I would say to anyone who adopts him will absolutely fall in love with him and his silly personality. For more information about Tank, email
Sophia & Maximus
Sophia is a Lab/Husky mix and is about three years old. She's the most cuddly dog ever but she is also very energetic. She would love a house with a dog friend she could play with and a fenced in yard because she absolutely loves to play fetch! Once she is done playing she will cuddle on the couch with you and will even sleep in your bed if you let her! Maximus is a three year old Saint Bernard/husky mix. Maximus is the sweetest teddy bear and loves to take naps anywhere he can. Maximus and Sophia have grown up together and get along well with all other animals. For more information on Maximus and Sophia email me at
Willow is sweet and surprisingly soft and fluffy. She wants as much attention as she can possibly get- lots of pets & kisses! She does have an immense amount of separation anxiety & fear of storms. She is great when we are home with her, but frayed during the day due to her separation anxiety & storm fears. We are looking to rehome Willow due to her needing someone who can give her attention and exercise. She also needs to be the only pet in the home, as she no longer gets along with our older dog. For more information about Willow, please email Akaley at or call (704) 877-7709.
Looking for a home that can give a 10 month old Great Dane the space he needs. He is all puppy and needs some training. Possible separation anxiety and can get destructive. Needs the space and time from a family that is willing to support and work through his problems. Please call or email Estela Carrers at (939) 419-0132 or
Beaux is a 4 yr old, ~75 lb black mouth cur (like old yeller in the book). He loves to be with his people. He also loves to run and chase things. He loves to fetch, but also enjoys keep away and tug of war! He is great with our kids and has plenty of energy, but can be very chill and just lounge around with you as well. He is crate trained and sleeps in his crate every night. He gets along well with other dogs, but doesn’t really care for cats. He is a very loyal family dog and has never shown any aggression. He will be a wonderful addition to your family! Please contact Cody Schafer. Email Address * Phone Number * (912) 341-3791
Harley is our 3 1/2 year old active pit mix. She is good with kids, adventurous, active and loves the outdoors. Harley can be selective about other dogs so she would be best being an only dog. She’s been having a tough time at home getting along and would benefit from someone who’s also has had a similar tough time in life, who has more understanding. She does well on hikes on leash, loves water, and is well behaved sleeping in a tent. At home, she is trained to potty outside, she can be kenneled for short amounts of time, or left alone if there are no other animals in the home. She needs ongoing leash training. Harley is about 45lbs. She is spayed and shots are current. Her favorite things are bacon, steak, ice cream and Starbucks and playing in the river! If you are interested please contact me at(702) 496-3148 or for more details
This bashful beauty is Tidbit. She is about 1.5yrs old and has tested positive for the Feline Leukemia virus (FeLV). Rescued in June 2020 from an overrun cat colony at a local trailer park, she had a horrific neck wound that was simply the result of nasty ear mites and a yeast infection causing such discomfort she would constantly scratch. After several months, she was healed with only a few scars to show for it, but a good neck massage still sends Tidbit over the moon! She is a healthy girl now with no active concerns regarding her FeLV status. She makes fast friends with other kitties, and would likely enjoy the company of other friendly FeLV+ cats. (It's not recommended to mix positive and negative kitties.) Tidbit will need time and patience from her people while she figures out that new humans can be trusted and new surroundings are safe. We have dubbed her, the "Giant Kitten", due to her cute and playful demeanor with a dash of mischief. She loves to disembowel (removing the stuffing from) and drown (put in her water bowl) her stuffed toys. When she's wanting attention, Tidbit will chirp and squeak and push her head against you. When she's over it, she's been known to give love nips (so perhaps no young children). She is equally content lounged in a sunny window and cozied under a couch. Tidbit's cherubic face is certain to make you smile every day! Please contact Kate Doyle at (912) 220-3204 or if you are interested in meeting Tidbit.
Tommy is a 11 year old mix. He is very dear and is happy either inside all day or in the yard playing. He only barks when he wants a treat. He weighs about 50 lbs and is up on all his shots and is on flea/tick medication. Tom,y loves other dogs and kids and is a very, very sweet dog. He lives with an elderly couple who is simply no longer well enough to take good care of him. I'm happy to deliver Tommy and all his supplies to your doorstep so long as you promise to take the best care of this sweet boy. Please call Eric at 773 575 259 or email me at for more information.
Xander came to me when he was about 5-6 months old from a man in Ludowici, GA. Off the bat, I was skeptical of Xander because he did not trust me, causing him to growl at me at first. After coming in my home and realizing he could trust me and my family, he became the most biggest, submissive baby. He loves to cuddle, and fit himself in tight spaces to feel secure. He is a sucker for the outdoors and will stay out there all day if he could, and he loves loves loves bubbles. He is a goofball, and even though he can be a bit stubborn, he is smart and just wants to be loved. Unfortunately, tough times have come up, and I am unable to care for Xander. He needs someone who has plenty of space for him to run around and other pets he can play with. He does have signs of separation anxiety when left alone, so using a crate when you’re gone is best. Luckily, he is crate trained and potty trained. He has been around kids ages 3-15, and does well with them as long as he feels safe around them. Not a fan of cats. He needs a home and a loving family that will be patient with him because that’s all it takes for him to love you. For more info, you can contact me via email at, or text me at 912-492-1016