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Veterinary Assistant

Department:  Pet Fix Savannah

Classification:  Full-time, hourly

Reports to:  Director of Public Programs


Responsible for daily care of all surgical patients, assisting doctors and veterinary technicians with pre-, peri- and post-operative care of patients, and general cleaning.


Works closely with Veterinarian, Veterinary Assistants, and Office Assistant.


  1. Works closely with Office Assistant to ensure efficient intake and release of patients.
  2. Responsible for prepping patients for surgery, observing all clinic procedures to enforce sterility and safety of patients.
  3. Able to monitor anesthesia, with a clear idea of abnormal conditions.
  4. When needed, responsible for delivering post-operative instructions in a competent and friendly manner.
  5. General duties in the operating room during surgery to assist with movement of patients, recovery of patients, and general flow.
  6. Ensures cleaning of facility, surgical pack preparation, and other end of day tasks are completed.
  7. Responsible for assisting the Veterinarian and medical support team during vaccination clinics.
  8. Administer IV injections and catheters.
  9. Accurately enters data into clinic software as needed.
  10. Assists in the completion of paperwork and prescription labels as needed.
  11. Will be responsible for after-hours emergency calls one week per month.
  12. Assists with any off-site events, including weekend events, as assigned by Director of Public Programs.
  13. All other duties as assigned.


  1. Client Education
    1. Must be able to learn basic veterinary medical concepts including but not limited to vaccine protocols and anesthetic risks
    2. Must also be able to communicate basic veterinary concepts to owners and be able to repeat information relayed by a veterinarian
    3. Will be asked to take medical histories for surgical rechecks
    4. Communicate with the public on a daily basis in a professional manner
    5. Animal Handling
  2. Will be asked to handle (on average) 40 dogs and cats per day
  3. Must be able to learn characteristics of animal behavior (for example: be able to identify aggressive or fearful behavior)
  4. Must be able to use appropriate safety equipment for fractious or feral animals (will train) – the use of safety equipment is mandatory
  5. Must possess excellent reflexes
  6. Should be able to identify own limitations and be willing to ask for help
  7. Must become proficient at animal restraint for various procedures
  8. Physical Requirements
    1. Must be able to work standing or sitting for 10 or more hours
    2. Able to lift and carry up to 50 lbs repeatedly throughout the day without help
    3. Must be able to bend and kneel repeatedly
    4. Emotional/Mental Requirements
    5. Must be able to work under stressful conditions and work efficiently and effectively under those conditions
    6. Able to respond quickly to a variety of medical situations (with training)
    7. Able to cope with death either due to surgical complication or euthanasia
    8. Ability to make decisions
    9. Must have a positive attitude
    10. Ability to cope with frustrating situations and remain calm
    11. Potential and Prolonged Exposures
  9. Potential/Prolonged exposure to isoflurane gas and disinfecting chemicals.
  10. Potential exposure to sharps including needles and surgical blades


Two or more years experience in a veterinary clinic, veterinary hospital, and/or animal shelter or control facility. Candidate should be highly motivated, enthusiastic self-starter with a professional attitude.


The offices and operations of a high volume spay/neuter clinic can be high stress and very busy at times. This position is scheduled for 4 days/week, usually Monday through Thursday; however, the schedule can change and may sometimes require weekend or evening hours to complete the job. Can include working some holidays or overtime depending on clinic needs. Candidate must be flexible with schedule changes and short notice overtime requests.


Please email resume and cover letter to Megan Collins, Director of Public Programs at