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HSGS Transport Vehicle Fundraiser

Savannah Morning News – August 11, 2017 Kerri Polanski, Development & Marketing Manager

Did you know that one of our goals for the next year is to solve the pet overpopulation problem in coastal Georgia by being both proactive and reactive? But, in order to do that we need a transport van. Fix Georgia Pets has generously offered to donate $15,000 towards the purchase of a van but only if we’re able to raise $15,000 to match their donation. You can help us achieve this goal.

A dedicated transport vehicle would help us save more lives in two ways:

  1. Supply & Demand (reactive): A transport van would be used to move homeless pets to areas of the country where there was higher demand for them and a higher likelihood that they would be adopted. Pets like Belle, a sweet adult tabby cat, would be transported to a region where she wasn’t in competition with as many similar cats.
  2. Access to Pet Services (proactive): A transport van would also help us reach those who we wouldn’t normally be able to assist. Transportation is a barrier to those living in poverty. By eliminating this barrier, we can provide spay/neuter and other veterinary services. Our Pets for Life program would use the transport van for community wellness events where we would take services directly to low-income neighborhoods.

You’d be helping a dog like Bugsy. Bugsy had essentially lived his whole life in ONE room with all of his siblings. Last winter, they were turned in to Chatham County Animal Services. We transferred Bugsy to our shelter, but unfortunately, we found that because of his socialization issues we could not provide the behavioral resources he needed to find a forever home. HSGS partnered with a breed specific rescue to help him overcome the challenges he faced in order to find a home, but the rescue was in Florida. We figured out how to get Bugsy to Florida, but having a transport vehicle would have allowed us to move Bugsy more quickly to the resources he needed. We’re happy to report that Bugsy has since been happily rehabilitated and has found his forever family.

Wouldn’t you like to be a part of saving more lives in our community? You have that chance! But we need you to act fast! We have to raise $15,000 before August 15th in order for Fix Georgia Pets to match the $15,000. Visit to donate now. Your gift will help us save more lives.