In Savannah Morning News Column

April 17, 2015

Savannah, GA – Keep your dog from getting lost

Guinn Friedman, Chief Operations Officer

Not all stray dogs are homeless dogs! April 23rd is the second annual National Lost Dog Awareness day. Each year millions of pets go missing for a whole variety of reasons. Mistaken for strays without an owner, these pets frequently end up in animal shelters or are kept by the people who find them, preventing any chance for owner and pet to be reunited. Sadly in most cases, owners of those lost pets don’t know to check at their local animal control facility, or if they do, they make only a phone call instead of physically walking through the facility. Some folks give up looking after a week or two even though dogs can travel long distances and are very resourceful: they can hide and manage to survive for weeks without being found or making their way back home.

Lost Dogs of America (LDOA), a coalition of states that includes Lost Dogs Georgia, has documented over 42,000 reunions since 2011. LDOA facilitated these reunions by providing tips to owners via Facebook pages for individual states, by partnering with (for lost dogs and cats) and by providing free flyers.

The most important thing we can do for our pets (besides spaying or neutering) is to place an ID tag with a telephone number on their collar, and have a microchip implanted as a back up in case the collar comes off.

The Humane Society for Greater Savannah has partnered with SCMPD’s Animal Control division to form a comprehensive “Lost & Found” program to assist in the process for lost pets and their owners to be reunited. We believe that working together is how we can bset offer help. If you find a pet, take it to Animal Control. The likelihood of finding a lost pet is significantly improved if there is one centralized location where people can come to look. If you have lost a pet, go to Animal Control immediately! Make a trip and search the kennels for your pet at least every 2 days as the law requires that animals to be held only 5 days before that can be adopted, transferred to a licensed rescue, or euthanized. Post a photo of your lost pet on Facebook, post flyers, talk to people, record sightings on a map, but most importantly don’t give up! It may take weeks for you to find a lead on the whereabouts of your pet.

The Humane Society sells ID tags for $5 and implants microchips for just $25 everyday at our shelter. And… for those of you whose pets are safe and sound at home with you, our drive-thru low cost vaccine clinic will be tomorrow April 18th from 10am-2pm at the health department on Eisenhower. We’ll be offering all core vaccines including rabies for cats and dogs at $10 per shot as well as microchips for only $20. Two pets per vehicle please. No vehicles will be admitted after 1:30 pm. Cash is preferred though we will accept credit cards.