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Coalitions and Collaboration

Savannah Morning News – March 16, 2017 Michelle Thevenin, Executive Director Last Saturday I attended a Regional Animal Welfare Summit sponsored by Best Friends Animal Society, a national animal welfare organization.  Best Friends gathered animal welfare leaders from around the Southeast to discuss what we need to do to change the nature of animal welfare i

Your Dog’s Adolescence

Savannah Morning News – March 9, 2017 Michelle Thevenin, Executive Director When my siblings and I were teenagers, I remember my mother, with some longing and lament in her voice, saying “you were so cute and lovable when you were babies.”  The implication was that we were not so cute and lovable in our adolescent years. I see the dog version of tha

Kitten Season

Savannah Morning News – March 2, 2017 Michelle Thevenin, Executive Director As we head into the spring, at the Humane Society for Greater Savannah, we are anticipating kitten season.  While Pet Fix Savannah will have significant impact on unwanted litters entering our shelters, the impact will be gradual and there will be kittens this spring.  Lots of kit

Spay and neuter surgery

Savannah Morning News – February 23, 2017 Michelle Thevenin, Executive Director World Spay Day is Tuesday, February 28 and Pet Fix Savannah celebrates its one year anniversary on Wednesday February 22.  We’ve spayed or neutered over 5,200 dogs and cats since opening our doors to the public.  The impact of spaying and neutering that many pets will be felt

Preventing and Treating Heartworms

  Savannah Morning News – February 16, 2017 Michelle Thevenin, Executive Director With Valentine’s Day this week, we are all being bombarded by hearts of all sorts.  However, I am reminded of a not so pleasant sort of heart as I walk through our dog kennels and see dogs waiting for treatment for heartworm.  It’s neither romantic no

The Golden Years

Savannah Morning News – February 9, 2017 Michelle Thevenin, Executive Director I adopted my first dog, Sebastian, on my 24th birthday.  I was finally living in an apartment where I could have a dog and my younger brother worked at our local humane society.  I went home to celebrate my birthday and came back with a wild adolescent shepherd.  My