Savannah Morning News Column

A Year of Change

Savannah Morning News – October 6, 2017 Michelle Thevenin, Executive Director If you’ve been to the shelter at the Humane Society for Greater Savannah over the past 6 months, you’ll notice some obvious changes in how pets and people flow through the building.  These changes have led to some not as obvious improvements in our overall outcomes for those we serve.

Reacting to Hurricane Harvey and Preparing for Hurricane Irma

Savannah Morning News – August 8, 2017 Michelle Thevenin, Executive Director With Hurricane Harvey in our rear-view mirror and Hurricane Irma on the horizon, it seems appropriate to talk about pets and disasters. I’ve been asked several times what the Humane Society for Greater Savannah is doing for pets impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  Our approach is two-fold: -Adopt

Re-homing Your Pet Assistance

Savannah Morning News – August 25, 2017 Karen Harper, Pets for Life Coordinator We love our pets and consider them to be part of the family, so when we face a heart-wrenching decision like finding a new home for our pet, it’s not one that’s made lightly. Before you consider surrendering or re-homing your pet, it’s helpful to assess the major reason why. Does your pet ha

HSGS Transport Vehicle Fundraiser

Savannah Morning News – August 11, 2017 Kerri Polanski, Development & Marketing Manager Did you know that one of our goals for the next year is to solve the pet overpopulation problem in coastal Georgia by being both proactive and reactive? But, in order to do that we need a transport van. Fix Georgia Pets has generously offered to donate $15,000 towards the purchase of a

Alternatives to Declawing Your Cat

Savannah Morning News – July 28, 2017 Kerri Polanski, Development & Marketing Manager There is no denying that cats have claws and they like to scratch things. But, there are ways to help prevent cats from turning your antique dining room table leg into their scratching post without declawing your cat. Cats scratch for a purpose not out of spite. Their scratching remov