Life can take surprising and difficult turns for all of us. Loss of a job, having to move, allergies, divorce, and even death sometimes result in a wonderful pet needing a new home. For those families or individuals with no other options than to re-home a pet, we are here to help by offering this courtesy listing of animals seeking new families. The pets featured below are not Humane Society for Greater Savannah animals and require direct communication with their existing owner. This listing is a courtesy for those seeking to re-home and animal lovers looking to find a new pet. All animals have been spayed/neutered and are current with their Rabies vaccination.

For questions regarding this free re-homing service, please contact Client Support Team at or call (912) 354-9515, Tuesday - Sunday 11 am – 6 pm.

Reese Cup
Reese Cup is a sweet Calico who is 2 years old. She gets along great with small dogs and other cats. She is ok with kids but would probably do better in a home with out children. She currently lives with my mother who is no longer able to take care of her. She is a indoor/outdoor cat, she uses a doggy door to come and go freely but could probably be litter trained. She is very friendly and loves to snuggle. If interested in Reese Cup, please contact Whitney Wilson at (912) 667-8336 or (912) 661-5776 or email
This is Nibbles. She's 4 years old and I've had her since she was only weeks old. But since I became pregnant, something changed with my body and now I'm super allergic to her . I can't hold her or take care of her without it turning into a severe sinus allergy cold and I just can't do it anymore. She's a great bunny, loves to snuggle and even tolerates my 2 year old We have 2 cages that we will given to whoever takes her as well as food/bedding etc. She's been an indoor rabbit her whole life, but I take her outside to play. She's a really good bunny and deserves snuggles and a loving home. If you are interested in Nibbles, please contact Lindsay Emge at (912) 961-2944 or (714) 783-5164 or email at
Hello! My name is Teddy and I'm a 7 year old German Shepard/ Rottweiler mix. My current owners can't provide me with everything I need and I'm looking for a nice, lovable home. I enjoy being outside, having space to run around and I enjoy to be loved on and require it daily.I do great on walks that you don't really even need me to be on a leash. I'm good with children and other animals. I get scared during thunder storms and fireworks but that doesn't stop me from protecting your home. Since I'm an older dog I don't do much playing but I'll make sure to keep you company . We don't have a big yard for teddy so we really encourage having a big yard for him If you are interested in Teddy, please contact Alec Wogoman at (574) 606-4286 or email
Sadie is a 2 year old Belgian Shepard mix. She is about 55 pounds and a beautiful fawn color that barely sheds. She is a sweet energetic girl. Sadie needs an environment where she can run outside and has plenty of attention. She does well with a few dogs at a time, so having a few good friends to play with will keep her happy. She loves kids and people. She is partially trained and knows basic commands, such as sit, stay, kennel. If you are interested in Sadie, lease call or email at, 912-660-0475 or
Bunjamin is looking for a new home where she can hop and play with her new family. She is a Lionheaded rabbit that is very sweet. She is bigger than what her picture shows, but shes still a soft and lovable bunny. If you are interested in Bunjamin, please contact Nettie Perkins at (404) 518-9585 or by email at
This 2 year old energetic and loving dog is looking for a new home. She loves to run and play and needs a yard and family that will continue her training. She has received some training and takes her time getting to know other dogs and people. She would do best with a family that has older children and an active lifestyle. If you would like to meet Ellie, please contact Brittany Feltz at (443) 803-1611, (443) 610-1078 or by email at
Meet Lucky. She was rescued a few years ago. Sadly, Lucky's mom passed away and we are desperately trying to find a loving home for her. Lucky is super sweet and very affectionate. She loves to have her back and head rubbed. Lucky is house trained and very low maintenance. She will jump around and play but really loves to lay around and be a snuggle bug too. Lucky loves ice as a treat! She is very good around adults, children, and other dogs. She doesn't even get mad when other dogs sneak food out of her bowl while she is eating!!! If you or someone you know is looking for a companion, Lucky is the best. We want the best for her. Please help us re-home sweet Lucky Lucy girl!!!! If you are interested in meeting Lucky, please contact Christy Real at (912) 429-2926 or
This happy and loving dog is looking for a new home. She has a lot of energy and needs a big yard or active family to play with. Lucille loves to please and is extremely loyal. She takes her time getting to know new dogs, but once she feels comfortable, she will play and play and play. Lucille is up to date on her vaccinations and spayed. If you are interested in meeting Lucille, please contact Amanda Crangle at (912) 656-9904 or
I adopted Gypsy about two years ago when she was 4 months old. Since then I have moved twice and am about to move into a studio apartment. Unfortunately I just don't feel as though she has the space she deserves and needs more freedom. She needs a loving environment with the option for more playtime. I would love to know that she is in a safe, happy home. Please contact Haley at &706) 255-8555 or for more information!
Nearly a year and a half ago a friend of mine could no longer care for a cat that I had loved on every time I was visiting. I would playfully call him "fox," hence his name Inari. I adore him so naturally he's well trained and cared for. Inari is up to date on his rabies vaccine and is neutered. He has been an indoor kitty his entire life and hasn't been in contact with any unknown pets. He's absolutely beautiful and has so much personality. Due to life circumstances, I will be leaving the country in the next year and want to give the little man the best shot possible at a fantastic future. No re-homing fee required, I just someone with every intention of being a forever home. He's low maintenance and would be good with kids. I would be happy to give whomever the food that I have on deck. If there are any questions or genuine interest please call and leave a voicemail or text Gayla at (706) 347-8153.