Life can take surprising and difficult turns for all of us. Loss of a job, having to move, allergies, divorce, and even death sometimes result in a wonderful pet needing a new home. For those families or individuals with no other options than to re-home a pet, we are here to help by offering this courtesy listing of animals seeking new families. The pets featured below are not Humane Society for Greater Savannah animals and require direct communication with their existing owner. This listing is a courtesy for those seeking to re-home and animal lovers looking to find a new pet. All animals have been spayed/neutered and are current with their Rabies vaccination.

For questions regarding this free re-homing service, please contact Client Support Team at or call (912) 354-9515, Tuesday - Sunday 11 am – 6 pm.


Scottie is a 3 year old rescued mix breed and a wonderful loving member of my family. He is one of a pair, his best friend is Sydney an Australian terrier (listed below). We hope they can be re-homed together, but will home them separate as long as they are happy and safe. He barks when he is outside and wants to come in and sometimes during playtime. He is super laid back and will give you puppy dog eyes until you pet him. He loves cuddling anytime day or night and sleeps in the dog bed at the foot of our bed. He can sit and lay down, but has to be worked up to play. He will sit and wait for the OK command to eat and is outdoor potty trained. He is very loving and can be trained for specific task and for any new rules with little effort. He loves other dogs, especially large ones. He loves kids! He is super patient and will be a great cuddler to anyone who takes him home. 

To meet Scottie, please contact Sarah All at (907) 978-7802 or (907) 978-7803 or by email at


This 5 year old Australian Terrier and a wonderful loving member of my family. She is one of a pair. Her best friend is Scottie a unknown mixed breed that was a rescue. We hope they can be re-homed together, but will home them separate as long as they are happy and safe. She only barks when someone is at the door or she is outside and wants to come in. She likes to just lay back and wait for some pets and playtime. She is great for cuddling at night, but mostly sleeps in the dog bed at the foot of our bed. She can sit, lay down, play tug of war, and fetch. She will sit and wait for the OK command to eat and is outdoor potty trained. She is very smart and easy to train for specific task and for any new rules. She is shy around other dogs at first, but then makes friends. She is great with kids. She will be a great friend to anyone who takes her home. 

To meet Sydney, please contact Sarah All at (907) 978-7802 or (907) 978-7803 or by email at


Ace is a beautiful Ragdoll/Siamese mix kitten and is approximately 5 months old. He was found as a stray at just 8 weeks, downtown in the pouring rain. He was very scared but quickly warmed up and is now a happy, energetic, affectionate kitten! Unfortunately, he is too playful with our resident cat, so we are unable to keep him. He has been neutered, is up-to-date on all vaccines, FIV/FeLV negative, and microchipped (free lifetime registration that can be switched to new owner easily).

Please contact Megan at or (912) 704-3052 if you would like more information or to schedule a time to meet him.


Link is a 9-month old Labrador mix who is super sweet and cuddly, he will even fall asleep in your lap. He is very good around other dogs, adults and loves children. He is house trained, crate trained and even knows his commands! Link loves to play fetch and go swimming. He would do great with a family that would run around with him and take him to the beach for a swim. 

If you are interested in meeting Link, please contact Jennifer McRae at (865) 394-5698 or by email at


Hot Dog

Hot Dog is a sweet black and white cat. Right now he is about 9 month old. He is very smart and loves to be surround by people. Unlike many cats, he does not fear strangers. He is neutered an up-to-date on vaccines! 


Please contact Ziyi at (470) 398-8404 or for more information. 


I adopted Gypsy about two years ago when she was 4 months old. Since then I have moved twice and am about to move into a studio apartment. Unfortunately I just don't feel as though she has the space she deserves and needs more freedom. She needs a loving environment with the option for more playtime. I would love to know that she is in a safe, happy home. 

Please contact Haley at &706) 255-8555 or for more information!

Pepper & Rusty

In November of 2015 we took in 2 kittens who had been abandoned at a warehouse in Pooler. These litter mates, a female we called Pepper, and a male we called Rusty, have been with us since that time, providing hours of endless entertainment .

These kitties have been cared for and loved in our home . They have up to date vet records have been immunized and fixed. These kitties have been inside pets only, are litter box trained and socialized to be companion pets who want affection. They are smart animals with the ability to be indoor/outdoor pets, however we have not made that choice.

2 weeks ago our home life changed in a very significant way. I gave birth to twin girls. As a consequence of our changed situation, these kitties have had their freedom to roam our house limited and I do not feel comfortable letting them go outside in our busy midtown neighborhood. In addition, they are not getting the attention and love from us that we were able to provide. At 1.5 years old they are still energetic and playful and deserve the space and freedom to be so.

We would love to see them go to a home where they can get the love and attention they deserve. Please contact Ana at (612) 751-5805 or


Nearly a year and a half ago a friend of mine could no longer care for a cat that I had loved on every time I was visiting. I would playfully call him "fox," hence his name Inari. I adore him so naturally he's well trained and cared for. Inari is up to date on his rabies vaccine and is neutered. He has been an indoor kitty his entire life and hasn't been in contact with any unknown pets. He's absolutely beautiful and has so much personality. Due to life circumstances, I will be leaving the country in the next year and want to give the little man the best shot possible at a fantastic future. No re-homing fee required, I just someone with every intention of being a forever home. He's low maintenance and would be good with kids. I would be happy to give whomever the food that I have on deck. If there are any questions or genuine interest please call and leave a voicemail or text Gayla at (706) 347-8153.